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Spring is here and so are wild collected live foods!


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Finally the 5 gallon buckets behind the garage are starting to fill with mosquito larva, yay!

If you watch closely you will also notice Daphnia swimming around in there also (which I didn't add to the buckets). You know how you make your own sour-dough mother culture just by putting flour and water on the porch outside for a few days and wild yeasts waft in and those yeasts get your sour-dough mother culture started. I think it is like that with buckets of water. I think the Daphnia eggs just waft in on the air.

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Rotting plant material placed in the bottom of the bucket will accelerate things quite a bit. Last year I had some garden clippings sit in a wheel barrow of water for a week (and they started to smell nasty).


Those decaying clippings added to the 5 gallon buckets of water must have attracted every female mosquito for miles around.



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Just now, FishMonger said:

So cool!  But a nightmare for me if I was in your yard!  I swear mosquitos stalk me.

My yard is every mosquito's worst nightmare. It looks like the Garden of Eden, but very, very few larva ever make it to adulthood.

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38 minutes ago, Hobbit said:

Never mind! I just found the other thread about live food 😄

I was wondering about the same thing. What's the other thread you're referring to?

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