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Freshwater Sumps: What do you put in yours?


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I have a Waterbox All in One 64 gallon with a sump.  This is my fist time using a sump and wondered what others are stocking them with for their freshwater setups.

I currently have my sump with:

  • Four 200m filter socks (screens out large particles 
  • High-flow pump
  • 1 bag of bio balls (6x4 inches)
  • 2 bags of bio max (4x4 inches each bag)
  • 1 bag of activated carbon 

Currently in the process of adding a small bag of crushed coral to raise pH. 

Also considering:

  • Replacing bio balls with another two bags of bio max, and replacing 2 bags every 6 months
  • Removing carbon

I am not sure on what the proper amounts are for any of the media, just trying out the smaller sizes for now.

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