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Red worm in Dwarf Sag delivery

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Bloodworms are midge fly larvae. Midge flies spend most of their life as larvae (what hobbyists call bloodworms) and only a few days/weeks as adults. They can live as long as two to three years as larvae. Midge flies are absurdly common, there are reportedly over 1,100 species in North America alone.  Many aquarium plants are grown in open ponds in places like Florida or overseas, then shipped to wholesalers, and retailers. A few companies (Denerle, Tropica) grow most of their plants in greenhouses where the odds of anything unwanted getting in is slimmer, but even then a rogue bloodworm would not be unusual. Keeping midge flies away from water is nearly impossible and sooner or later one would penetrate even the most secure of greenhouses and lay eggs. Those eggs would become blood worms and live for 1-3 years as bloodworms before emerging as flies again. You basically got free fish food with your plant. It's nothing to worry about. 

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