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Are guppies rubbish after 5 months?


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From the Colors farm tour, I super hope Cory gets to go back there and get info on that algae centrifuge!

Here is the video https://youtu.be/mKclGdn3ijc?t=473

IIRC @Cory answered me on live stream that Ran didn't mean it that way. I have a hard time seeing through that on the video though, he really seemed to mean guppies drop greatly "quality" after 5 months. Am I missing something? I don't keep guppies so I don't have first hand experience on this to observe it for myself.


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You're missing the hours that were spent with him that weren't in that video, from eating lunch with the guy and visiting Jordan and such. It's no different than saying fish food is rubbish after 5 months. His goal is to get you fish at the absolute best value. A fish food that was produced yesterday and sold  to you today has a better value than one that is produced 5 months ago and you bought today. The shelf life of a guppies is 18 months to 2 years just like fish food. Getting them into the customers hands at 3 months is his gold standard where 5 months is rubbish and too many people have sat on it and aren't getting the best possible product out of his farm. It's no different than if I was selling fish food 1 month from being expired, the company who produced it would be irritated about it when they work so hard to provide freshness. 


The way he runs his farm he can grow a fish faster than most, and takes pride in that his fish are bigger and healthier and are customer ready at 3 months, 60 days from his farm, then transit to a wholesaler then a store makes it 90 days a customer is buying a great fish, 2 extra months is wasteful to him. 

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