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Stocking Idea

Joshua W.

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I have been looking at different ideas behind stocking my 29 Gallon Tank. I know that I want an Apistogramma trying to decided behind a Cacatuoides or an Agassizii. Both are very pretty and I am really wanting to get a nice centerpiece fish. I have seen a couple tanks my size that also do tetras, and Dwarf Gouramiand I am wondering if this would be a good idea, and if these would be hardy fish that would do well? 

For the clean up crew I am thinking Nerite Snails, and Trumpet Snails as I don't really want to get any Corydoras, or Plecos (While fun fish to keep I am sure. I am really looking for the visual of swimming around and having something fun to look at. 

I consider myself relatively new at least to the freshwater side of things, I have done Saltwater in the past and kept Clowns, Gobies, and firefish before. But since I am entering the new world of a planted tank. Felt I should get some feedback. 

Thanks in advance!

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You cannot go wrong with fish or a school of fish on the bottom!  When those cory cats swim together it looks like they are out for business, then they occasionally dart to the surface and zip right back down.  How often do you get to watch a fish swim vertically?  And then the pleco, occasionally bopping around on the glass, cleaning the leaves of you plants.  My bristlenose are out at all hours of the day.  One or two with a squadron of cory cats (well at least six) would certainly give you something to watch in the lower depths of your tank.

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