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Oscar stress bars coming and going


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Yesterday morning when I walked up to the tank, I was very surprised when Ursula had crazy light bars on her sides. They were practically yellow! I tested everything, 0/0/10, hardness and pH stable at 9 and 7.6 respectively. I decided I’d give her a day and see what happens. The colour came and went periodically through the day, sometimes very rapidly. She ate as enthusiastically as usual and is behaving normally. This morning she’s got the bars still, but coming and going. These photos were taken this morning about 2 minutes apart each. Any advice? Should I be worried?




footnote- I keep waiting for her to destroy the plants but she keeps loving them!


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In my opinion they dont look like stress bars. but more of his specfic genetics.

I have an angelfish that has colors that will often change through out the days. As he gets older his color has changed less, but still can alter.

This was him one hour ago:


And this is him one hour later:


He usaully is the darker color, but he will often switch from time to time. He was the lighter color for a few months when I first got him.

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