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Adjusting Lighting - How Long to Wait


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I am trying to get my Fluval Nano 3.0 dialed in to balance and algae/plants. Ive realized after getting my chemistry/fertilizers stable I've definitely been running too much high light

How long do you all typically wait after making a lighting change to see if your change is effective and not causing other unexpected issues?

Make a change - wait a week? 2 weeks? 24 hours? I tend to tinker with things too much so I need someone to help protect me from myself....

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I typically give any lighting changes ~2-4 weeks before tinkering again. Gives time for everything to settle. If I can see algae starting to die back, I'll wait a bit longer and reassess. I don't know if there's a hard and fast amount of time. Nature moves slowly, from our perspective, so I tend to err on the longer side of things whenever I make changes to my tanks.

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