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Question about questions.

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Hello all! 🙂  New here.  Have some experience from past years pre-internet 😉 (or at least pre-internet searching).  Then a long break from fish-keeping and now back at it again (with a *little* more knowledge & understanding).

So I am curious about asking questions here.  I actually have a question that *specifically relates to an Aquarium Co-op Blog*?

If I post it, would the Aq. Coop Team answer it or forum members or both?  Is there a place to specifically bring this to the team's attention? Any feedback appreciated!

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On average you will get an answer from a forum member, but Cory is here and answers questions daily. Many of the Co-Op blog articles are authored by Irene and she is here almost everyday.

So post your question and let the fun begin!

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