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Does anyone have experience with the industrial style racking for a fishroom?

I will be building a fishroom this year. The room is in my outbuilding with sprayfoam insulation. I am building a smaller room inside the outbuilding for a man cave/fishroom. The room is a little over 16x16. Concrete floors with a couple of floor drains.

Originally, I was going to fill that 16x16 room with wall to wall tanks! But I have come to my senses and I am going to limit myself to one wall with an auto water change system. My fish interest goes sky high during the spring and summer and falls to nonexistent once fall comes back around and my outdoor hobbies start up. 

So since I am sticking to one wall, the metal shelving seems to give the most flexibility and space. But I worry about the sturdiness. So far, the wall will contain: 

(2) 125g 

(6) 40 breeder

(9) 20 gallon (or 15's if I can find them).

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I have seen those gladiator racks for 40 and 20 gallon tanks, but not for 125 gallons. They are rated for 2k per shelf. I bet a 125g is pushing 1500 +. Thoughts?


What I have been looking at is the pallet racks for warehouse use. I seen a garage fishroom where a guy used them for large tanks. But I don't know the brand as it was years and years ago.If I can stick to the same type of rack for the big and little tanks, I can mix and match as needed. 

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400 pounds per shelf would worry me. I think a 40 breeder could top that once you added substrate and rock.

The gladiator may be an option and much cheaper than the pallet racks I have been looking at. I just don't want to be the first to try and stack two 125s on them lol.

The pallet racks are expensive, but rated for 4-5k per shelf. Probably super overkill, but if I ever stumbled upon a deal on 8'x2'  tanks they could handle them.

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