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I have only ever kept larger aggressive fish but recently freed up a 125g tank and I would really like to do a community tank and maybe dabble in plants. Since I am totally new to this I'd like to post my potential stocking list and get some advice on newbie plants or any other advice you can give me on setting up a community tank before I do something stupid.

Thank you in advance! 

1 Blue Phantom Plecostomus

1 Green phantom Plecostomus

5 Silver Dollars

3 Stripped Raphael catfish

10 Clown loaches

3 Hillstream loaches

10 Panda corys

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If you won't plant's I wouldn't put silver dollar in your tank they will eat your plants if you're going for low tech planted tank vallisneria Javan fern anubis and Rotala rotundifolia and Hornwort and water wisteria and water lettuce and Amazonian frogbit  duck weed will do well as long as you use root tabs and liquid fertilizer clown loach get 12in haveing 10 in a 125 long term you will need a bigger tank for them

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An alternative to a silver dollar might be a white skirt tetra. They are a bit similar in appearance except they have a flowing tail, and are plant safe. They are basically the silver version of a black skirt tetra. Here is a picture of what mine looks like. 



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