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Crypts melt back, not growing back

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I planted some cryptacorne wendetii red, its been well over a month (maybe two months)

They melted back, and haven't grown back. I have inserted root tabs multiple times, and no change.

Here are my water parameters:

Nitrates: 20

Nitrites/ Amonia: 0

Ph: 7.5

Do I just need to wait more?


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@JamesBTwo questions: 1. What type of crypt? 2. Did you just let the crypt melt run its course, or did you trim off all the leaves when you saw what it was doing?

Some types of crypts grow much slower than others like parva for example. In my experience it takes crypts much longer to recover from crypt melt if you wait and let it run its course than if you just trim off the leaves. They seem to go through a type of rest and recovery period and  think you might just have to give it some more time as it looks like it is already on its way to come back. I don't even wait for new crypts to go through this, I trim off all the leaves just above the rosette when I receive them and plant them like that. This is so the plant doesn't waste any energy on dying leaves but right away focuses its energy and nutrient metabolism on building new leaves.

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