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Angelfish success


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So my eggs survived this time the fry are almost two weeks old from the day my angle pair spawned them am super happy here’s what I did.. the day after I pull the eggs put them in a Quart of water with 3 drops of Methylene blue

till I seen them just barley wiggling then I started doing a quarter water change twice a day until my water was clear a few days they were super sticky lol so I then I put them in a one gallon tank and a day or two later there free swimming the cool thing was I got online CO OP

order brine shrimp when I seen they were full blown wrigglers within two days after I made my order they showed up at my house an I live in Alaska so ya a    Big  thanks to 9F325216-32A1-4C47-9F0E-D78277619905.jpeg.ec95ee825906057d91f7b35332c34f15.jpegAquarium co-op


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Congratulations! It takes awhile, but once you make it past 1 month successfully, you’re usually good to go with continuing to raise them. Here’s a thread with lots of videos from our BAP Angelfish breeding project...

And here’s a short “Sayin’ Bye” video to these angels we raised. Sold most of them all yesterday...


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