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Looking for bulk fine mesh for a DIY project

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27 minutes ago, Lowells Fish Lab said:

Great option, thanks!

I just have one concern: my project is a custom fry enclosure. What's the consensus on the safety of stainless steel in the aquarium for medium/long periods of time?

Ah! That depends. There's stainless steel and then there's stainless steel. The mesh posted is a 304 grade stainless steel, which, if correct, is pretty safe for aquarium use. 316 stainless steel is better and has more corrosion resistant properties, but is much more expensive. You see lots of "stainless steel" stuff rusting rather badly these days as it's not up to grade. I've heard of people with high end "stainless steel" appliances who find they're rusting in a year or two after purchase. Not good.

In terms of "fish net" material, oddly enough a fabric store is a good place to look. They tend to sell lots of mesh type fabrics  I'd wash anything very well to be sure there were no dyes or enhancers in the fabric if using cloth though. 

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