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Hi everyone, I new to planted aquariums I've had my tank for 14yrs, my 10yr old indesint shark was sold to me for my 55gl tank by petsmart never researched him till resent found alot of information I wish I knew then.  But anyway just did a new remodel to the hard scape and added plants then down that rabbit hole I went.  I now own a water jet an external filter, 6500 k 48 in led full spectrum light at 6hrs per day on timer20210315_185401.gif.107209df468aa54d3d24f25378fb623d.gif and now CO2 set up so I planted Java Fern, Christmas moss, dwarf hair grass, Moss Ball and a crypt. My Christmas moss has went brown before I got everything set up, mostly do to things arriving broken. But my temp is 77F pH 6.8 KH 40ppm I've been adding Easy green and other nutrient that it lacks my CO2 on the chart shows balanced so a week of hell is now has the or results, now just waiting for the plant to spring 

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Hey there. I wish I could offer advice, but I can at least offer camaraderie.

I also have a 55 gallon, am new to plants, and now have a lot of information that I wish I'd had a long time ago. Like you, I've recently started trying to get my aquarium into a better situation. Sounds like you've been doing great with making improvements!

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