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@Daniel would you say this is accurate for outlining the difference? Male - shorter internal organs visible, female, longer organ (ovaries) visible? 

This is really an obvious difference in looking at my fish. Turns out most of my larger fish are female so far. This may explain why the overall population has been fairly conflict free. 

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Just reviving this topic to see if people find a large difference between the care for sparkling gourami vs. croaking gourami (which look to be a bit larger and maybe a little less colorful). Thank you for your beautiful videos and pictures so far!

Also, I see frequent mention that they're sensitive to loud noises. I have a quiet house, but I do live on a somewhat busy road in the center of a small town, so there's the sound of intermittent traffic and sometimes heavy lumber trucks hitting their air brakes while rumbling past. Do you think this will make them miserable or is it more the high-pitched, sudden noises like loud music and dogs barking that startles them?

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