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Fish Viruses

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They get virus such as viral  hemorrhage  septicemia and DGRI iridovirus or carp pox or koi herpes virus some have symptoms similar to bacterial infection fungal infection it very difficult to diagnose what type of viral infection your dealing with most of the time you just have treat the secondary infection they cause

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Everything including fish (and humans) are rife with viruses. Up to 8 percent of all human DNA comes from viruses and I wouldn't be surprised if it were the same with fish. But just like with humans most viruses are not deleterious to fish.

That being said I think the reason we don't worry about viruses and fish is that there is so little that can be done by way of medications.

Anything that can be tweaked like pH or nitrates we go at hammer and tong. If there were a mythical medication  'Virus-X' it would be recommended for every shimmying guppy and every bloated betta. Every fish whose fins were deteriorating in poor quality water would get a dose.

The only questions would be 'Is Virus-X' shrimp and snail safe?' and 'Why can't I get 'Virus-X' in Canada?'



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