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Hi all, new user to form. I SUCK at keeping plants alive. I have tried 8 different types of plants and have managed to kill them all.

6 from Corry's easy plants for beginners . Used Root tabs think i followed all directions. Not good. what do I need to know ?????

Please ??

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A few questions:

  • What type of plants have you tried so far? 
  • What are your water parameters (pH, temp, typical nitrate level, etc.)? 
  • Do you have any fish that would be destroying the plants?
  • What type of substrate are you using?
  • What kind of light are you using, and for how long each day?

Welcome to the forum. We'll try our best to help you reach success. 

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The first thing you need to know is that every aquarium is a unigue enviroment. Buried somewhere on my desk I have a list of about 20 of the top 5 easiest to grow beginner plants.  I have killed a lot of them. Tell us what you have done already and answer @MDoc's questions as best as you can, and the folks here will jump in.  While I think of it, give us some kind of time frame.  If you are unfamiliar with plants melting, your plants might not have been dead!

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