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Another what is this growing in my tank thread


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These appeared on these plants not long after i purchased them.  The tank is fairly new and this is the first time i have purchased plants from this particular store so its possible they have things in their tanks i have never been 'infected' with yet 🙂  . One note - I have seen at least 1 Gammarus-Scud in there (i had to research that too as i had never seen one before) and i do not know if they are related to the white spots.  they are not baby snails as they do not move and i have seen _plenty_ of baby bladder snails born and wandering around other tanks.  Are these the kind of things where I want them to hatch because they are interesting and will become part of the tank fauna or are they the burn with fire  🔥 type of things and i need to extract them right now 


thanks for your help 🙂



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2 hours ago, _rod_serling_ said:

Of course today Cory posts the care guide for nerite snails video. I went to youtube after posting here after work and there's a video with the answer as well!

Nerite snails are either male or female so its possible you only had males or they just aren't laying them for some reason. At my LFS he has like 30 in one of the planted tank and they never lay eggs, but I had 10 in my 75 and it was like a sesame seed palace lol

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