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Banana plants- too many lily pads?

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yes, I faced a similar problem, once they send out a root they really take off. I trimmed mine a few times. After a while, I removed the root and all lily pads because it was taking over my 5 gallon. The root was huge! Covered the entire tank. I've kept it with just a few leaves and no rooting for a few months, considering putting it out in my contained pond next or letting it grow a while in my plant grow out tank.

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3 hours ago, Will Billy said:

What are your guys water parameters? My banana plants are barely surviving while everything else in my tank is thriving. Im trying my best to boost these little guys up and make them happy, but im not sure what they are missing. 

I have wild collected banana plants as they are native to the eastern USA. I record the water parameters in this thread:


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Hmm, interesting @Daniel, my PH and GH are on the high side and my KH is mid range. I wonder if that has something to do with it. My temperature is only 2 degrees higher than what you recorded. Im just trying to figure out why some people can grow this plant super easy, and others like me seem to struggle a bit. It seems like everyone is one of the two extremes, and very few in betweeners. Just seems like you either got the right stuff or you dont. Thanks for the post, im determined to figure this out. 

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