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Just purchased the Ziss brine shrimp hatchery and looking forward to getting started. 
Anyone with experience or someone from co-op have any recommendations for an inexpensive nano heater that will work with the lid on this?

Not sure that I will need one, but these things are usually pretty cheap and would like to get one that I know it will fit through the hole that’s built into the lid for this. 

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Thanx Daniel. I was going to also look for preset heaters but figured if I end up with adjustable it would take some fine tuning for sure. Once set though it should be pretty simple to just leave it at set temp. 
I’m also considering putting up a 5.5G grow out tank to get some brine to adults so the heater will be able to serve dual purpose. 

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If you have room.

Go with a tank big enough that you can hang the hatchery inside the tank.  Heat the tank and you heat the hatchery.  I hang 2 of them in a 20 gallon grow-out tank.  I'm thinking one or two may hang in a 10 gallon.  Hmmm I'll check when I get home, may be a good place to hatch and raise some up to adult.

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