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Guppy had a lump and now half of her face is black


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Hey guys I have a weird situation going on, my mama guppy who I’ve had for a few months developed a big lump on her head a little over a week ago, I thought it was a tumor but decided to do light maracyn and paracleanse for a week to see if it helped, it didn’t help much if at all.

since she is still active and eating after a week I figured I’d start a second cycle adding ich x this time, 2 days in and now the lump looks smaller and the half of her head where it is turned black overnight.. 

anyone have any experience with this? I thought of euthanasia but she is still eating so I’m tempted to wait it out.. I’m treating the whole tank (no qt available) and don’t wanna use salt due to live plants and shelled creatures

any insight would be nice, thanks!



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