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Scarlet Temple


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So as I've admitted, I'm new to plants. This the Scarlet Temple I purchased from PetSmart on March 6 (almost 2 weeks ago). They have since grown these white runners. I want to assume this growth is a good sign, but I'd like to check in with some more knowledgeable plant folks.

  • 33 gallon
  • Swapped out Nicrew G2 light (no red) for Nicrew SkyLED Plus (on for about a week)
  • No CO2
  • Were planted during cycling process. Had very high nitrites and nitrates (off chart for nitrites now 0 ammonia, 0 nitrites and 5 nitrates so I added corydoras last night - you can see them in background).



Scarlet Temple  2 18 March 2021.jpg

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@Eddie Dingle @OceanTruth Yay! Thanks guys! I was pretty certain it was a good sign - new growth after all! I had just read that these guys like high light and I wasn't so sure they were getting that, although I did try to plant strategically so they wouldn't be shadowed. 

I do have Easy Green liquid fertilizer but haven't used yet because the tank was redone with eco-complete, Fluval stratum substrates and root tabs. Testing showed high nitrites and nitrates from cycling process so figured best to not to dose (didn't want excess algae growth!). Now that things are settling out, I will have to find a suitable dosing schedule. 

I am loving this new-to-me live plant aspect to aquariums! 

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