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Fluval Plant Nano on Rim


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I have a 20 Long rim, and I was able to secure two Fluval Nanos by trimming the black plastic lip from both the inside and outside of the tank. I used a dremmel rotary tool and shaved off just enough for the clamps to slide over. However, the clamp is just barely wide enough for the glass; I would think your glass on the 40 would be MUCH thicker than the clamps. I don't think this method would work for your setup.

One of the reviews for the Nano on Aquarium Co-Op's product page has the light mounted on external brackets. Basically, find a thin yet sturdy plastic piece, mount it somehow on the aquarium itself, then clamp the lights on the plastic bracket.

Can't think of any other method at the top of my head. Hope that helps. I'll try to post a pic of my tank setup.


EDIT: Wow! I wish I had discovered those 3d printed brackets before!

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