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ParaCleanse + Microbe Lift Artemiss Together??

Ro B

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Hi can anyone tell me if it is ok to use ParaCleanse and Microbe Lift Artemiss together in the same tank? 
I have three young single tail goldfish who I think have internal parasites (two have had long white stringy poop.)  One of the fish had a split in its tail which is worsening to a small piece missing. They are little rescues from a local shelter that has a fish rescue program. 

I have had them for a little less than two months. I wasn’t aware of the Quarantine Trio sold by the Co op or I would have purchased that from the start.

I do not have Maracyn on hand but was hoping the Artemiss + ParaCleanse would be ok together.

There is 0 ammonia, 0 nitrite, 5 nitrate, ph about 7.0, well water measures ‘hard.’ I do weekly gravel vac and 50% water change in a 30 g tank (they are small, I have a 75 g for them when they get bigger.) I have Prime and Stability in the tank right now. I am running an Aquaclear 70 filter and air stone, temp is kept at 69 degrees.

Its hard to get a pic but this is tail issue

Thank you!


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