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We breed a bunch of fish, and that means there comes a time to sell. Some fish are much more difficult to breed... others difficult to raise... and these guys are a little difficult to say “bye” to. 

So here’s three short videos, just sayin’ “bye” to them. Hope their new fish keepers will enjoy them even more than we have!

Bye, Gold-Blue Rams...

Bye, Koi Angelfish...

Bye, Brilliant Rasboras...


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16 minutes ago, Celly Rasbora said:

Seeing the brilliant rasboras brought back happy memories. I had a mix of different rasboras in a 29 once upon a time. That particular one was included in my mix.

There are relatively few tropical fish that really have a decidedly green sheen to them. B. Rasboras are beautiful this way. Believe me, it's not the lighting! That's just a $10 LED 5,000 K Shop light over them. They really are gloriously lime-green. Also, B. Rasboras are perfect _top dwellers_. We bought ours originally because we wanted a schooling fish that would stay up off the bottom so that our Kribensis would come out of hiding and spawn. They were perfect for that. One caution: They _do_ jump. A tight-fitting lid is important. Raising their fry was one of the most magical breeding projects we've ever (accidentally) stumbled on. Here's the thread for anyone interested. These may be the smallest fry we've ever worked with. 


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