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You are over filtering. There is this huge myth that more (filtration) is better. I've lost track of the times that I've seen "there's no such thing as too much filtration"... but there is! Good filtration is about how well we filter water, not how much or how fast we push water through media.  The dirty truth about filters is that they help with water clarity, but NOT water purity. Detritus trapped in the filter decomposes and pollutes the water.

For a 75g, a single AC110 should be plenty, even set for low flow/max re-filtration.

Btw, the quoted statement above might better be "there's no such thing as too much fresh, clean water!" 🙂

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I agree I don't typically over filtrate a tank but everything I read said African cichlids are very messy. I bought the 2 filters cause I was gonna get bigger mbuna that get 5 to 7 inches. These that I ended up getting will max out at 3 1/2 inches. My concern is the flow I don't want them to constantly be on the treadmill and never leave their caves. I think I'll start with one then if I ever feel like I need more I can add the second one on. Also if I put the filter on the side of the tank it dissipates the flow and spreads it evenly instead of just being on one side of the tank. Only con is it doesn't look pretty but I'm the only one who ever sees my tanks anyway.

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