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Someone on the internet was wrong and I changed their mind?!?


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So this happened! I was watching a vlog about someone redoing their counter and saw a betta in one of those tiny half gallon tanks like this:


I noticed she was replying to every comment. So I left a comment too and look! (Ignore the comma splice and misspellings, I was trying to seem less pretentious 😅)


I’m just so happy the conversation went this well! It sounds like Beau is going to get a new home soon!

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Wow this is great now only 100s of thousands to go😭  The thing that sucks the most is that so many people don’t see the issue and refuse to change like my mom bought my little brother a betta and bought one of those tank and I said many times that tank is way to small I even offered one of my 10 gallons with everything and a couple plants and she still refuses 

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