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Plant Ideas for Small Shrimp Bowl


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The bowl is tiny, about 1.5 gallons. I found a nice red rock to put in the middle and would like some plants to accent that. I'm quite new to the hobby (started right before covid), and don't have encyclopedic knowledge of plant choices yet. Ideally, I'd like something small to make the rock look like a mountain for some shrimp to conquer. And I'd rather the soil be mostly covered, so whatever I choose, I'll get enough of it to heavily plant from the start. I have some dwarf hairgrass in another tank, and I think it might look nice in here, but I'm not sure how it will grow since I'm just using a desk lamp for this bowl. It does sit near an east facing window that gets some nice morning light, but I'm not sure how much it will help.

Current Candidates:



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U love the idea of mosses. Also add some epifites like anubias's and maybe some java fern. You can also use othwr low light plants as well. I know this next plant does not look the best but maybe add some Marino moss ball to suck up more nitrates and ammonia. If you cant use moss ball try floating plants like duck weed or froogbit. Just be careful with blockibg out too much light. I know this was long and goid luck with it.

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