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Co2 setups

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Hello, I have become obsessed with aquascaping and would like to turn my tank into a high tech tank and get a co2 set up. Could anyone recommend a good setup for a 120 gal tank? Anyone have a favorite brand or any advice on where to buy from? I appreciate any input. Thanks 

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For my 75 Gallon tank I use a Green Leaf Aquariums Pro DS-1 dual stage CO2 regulator with bubble counter and solenoid on a timer, Nylon C02 regulator seals, black CO2 line tubing, a Dennerle CO2 check valve to keep water from infiltrating and ruining your regulator, 5 lb. CO2 cylinder & a second as a reserve so I don't immediately have to make a run to go get the first one refilled once it runs out, as well as a large Aquario Neo CO2 diffuser from Aquarium Co-Op,


and a glass CO2 drop checker.

Make sure to use designated CO2 tubing and CO2 check valve because CO2 will over time degrade air line tubing and the membrane in air line check valves.

I have my CO2 regulator on a timer which turns CO2 on one hour before the light comes on, and off an hour before the lights turn off because plants don't use CO2 and produce oxygen in the absence of light and but actually use oxygen. That's also the reason why I have a Tetra 100 Whisper air pump with air line tubing and check valve and an air wand on a timer that turns on when the CO2 turns off, and turns off when the CO2 turns on.

If you install the CO2 Check valve on the outside of the tank close to the rim the CO2 takes less time to push back any water that may have infiltrated and decreases the time until your diffuser actually produces bubbles and Co2 becomes available to the plants again.

Make sure you also have sufficient lighting, and fertilizer on hand because otherwise each of them could become the limiting factor to your plant growth.


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