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Pricing cichlids?


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Hello, I have been growing out polar blue parrot fish that I bred. My local pet shop said they would buy them off me once they are bigger. I’m wondering if anyone could recommend a price I should ask for these guys? I’ve never sold fish. How much of a profit do stores need to make to make it a good deal? I appreciate anyone’s input. 

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Well,  I find that stores around me will give you more in the form of store credit.  With that being said it depends on the store, the fish and what is currently hot in your market.  
Also ask how many he/they need or want and this is important.....   when they want them.   Never show up 15 minutes before they close with 100 fish.   Add one or two extra just in case.   Let them know approximately how many more you have.  By all means don’t walk in with 300 fish.   
first they need to find tank space.

second he is thinking now i need to feed these.

third you just flooded the market and will be lucky to get .10 for them.

Good Luck

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