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Sustainable Joy

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I've posted a few times, but haven't introduced myself. 

I've had fish off-and-on since childhood, but not knowing what I was doing. About 8 years ago, I bought a single dalmation molly that soon was dropping fry every 1-2 months for over a year. My main tank was overrun.

While that was happening, I entered a situation where I became the primary caregiver for kids with major special needs - often having to rush to the hospital. I had to get control of that tank, so I bought one beautiful angelfish, who soon took care of the fry problem, and eventually was the tank's sole inhabitant. I love that dude.

But this caregiver life has my emotions burned out, and I'm turning as much attention as I can back to fish, as a way to revive myself.

I recently bought 9 baby endlers, who give me a lot of joy, and who the angelfish will be delighted to help me keep in check. 

And I'm learning as fast as I possibly can about how to do a good job - ya know; water parameters, effective filtration, easy plants, etc. 

My goal is a tank that gives me joy, and is sustainable enough to not fall apart when I have to suddenly ditch it and spend a week in a children's hospital. I'm delighted to be making progress toward that goal, and I appreciate the help I'm getting from Cory's videos and this forum.


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I suggest that a key to sustainable gardens, aquaria and possibly life is to allow for complexity to manage itself. Nature isn't impressed by our understanding of "order" 😄 but at the same time, a piece of nature is not chaotic. In my mind, it is not necessary, often not possible, to understand, let alone control, the fine structure. But by and large, it can be trusted to find its way.

(I realize many gardens and tanks (and lives?) are very much about control and artifice, and that's cool too).

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11 hours ago, Kirsten said:

Welcome to the forum! Aren't livebearers amazing like that? 😄

Sounds like you're definitely on the right track to having a nice, sustainable tank!

They are! Livebearers are both magic and mayhem. Didn't you also recently get endlers? I know somebody was talking about that the other day...

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