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Ammonia, but no Nitrates/Nitrite


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Hi everyone!

We thought our new tank was cycled. In any case, here we are! LOL...

One fish was added on 3/8. The water was cloudy, so we changed 20% of the water on 3/14. (Adding our Aqueon water conditioner, API StressZyme+, and API Aquarium Salt)

We definitely know now we were overfeeding our juvenile American Cichlid, which did not help!! 😛

Water hazy again, so tested parameters.

Ammonia is at 1.0, with zero Nitrates and zero Nitrates. PH looks between 7.0 and 7.2

Naturally, we don't mind doing whatever it takes, but we would hate to mess up the process by prematurely doing another water change.

Should we go ahead and do another water change since there is Ammonia at but no Nitrates or Nitrites?

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You will need to do something to keep the ammonia down till your cycle is complete. There are different ways to do this, but water changes as needed is a sure fire method. You won't be trying to get to 0 ammonia, as your bacteria will need to feed off that to get established. I try to keep it closer to .25ppm though. 

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