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Hi I have a 20 long heavy planted with 4 juvenile pea puffers. their current filter is an aqua clear 30.  I have a 40 breeder with fluval 207 canister filter and love it.  Could I do a fluval 207 canister filter on the 20 long.  Or would that be too powerful for the pea puffers.  There is really no information on line. I want to keep the tank as clean as possible but do not want to stress the puffers any info would be great.

Thank you.

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Yes it can be done.  put the return in a corner and if it is to much flow you can close the valve off a bit to slow the flow.  I'd not cut it back more than half though.  If you happen to have the 207 just sitting around that's cool, if not have a look at the 107 as well.

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