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33 gal ready for fish!


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I have one female juvenile guppy that managed to survived my tank reno. I removed gravel substrate and replaced it with Eco-complete and Fluval stratum for planted tank. I added driftwood and plants (will continue to add as I find healthy specimens of anubias, crypts, fava fern and/or amazon sword). I cycled it so and it's now ready to add fish! So I'm looking for stocking suggestions and/or feedback on the following:

Shrimp (6ish?) - Amano or RCS not sure yet

Corydoras (6)

Guppies (10ish?)

Aaaand a bright, flashy schooling fish... Cardinals? Rasboras? I've had good luck with Serpae tetras but worry about fin-nipping with guppies. 


Today I'm thinking of adding the 6 corys and a male guppy. I don't want to increase bio-load too quickly. 

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If you are looking for a bright schooling fish that wont fin nip the guppies i would go with neon or cardinal tetras, but if you are looking for a bright and colorful fish that would swim with a breeding companion i would go with apistos, they are semi aggressive but if you have fast enough fish they would work.

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I may even get a separate tank for the guppies. I think I'd rather school of the red/orange schooling fish in the 33. 

I love apistos but not easily found around here. Plus my water is harder and has a higher pH (7.4) than they like ideally.

This plan also requires convincing co-habitants the space for a second tank... 🤔

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31 minutes ago, lefty o said:

with the guppies, i would be more inclined to start with 4 or 5, and soon you will have more guppies than you know what to do with.

Oh, I am. That's my finished stocking level, I know they're prolific breeders but hoping with other tank mates, it'll keep in check unless I separate in another tank.

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