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So, I recently bought a 6 gallon cube, and I'm liking the idea of turning it into a small biome for a single betta to love and thrive.  I know Java ferns are native to Asia, but what other plants would be ideal for me to put in.  The tank is not that big, but I'd like to heavily plant it for the little guy.  My plan is to use a Co-op sponge filter for filtration, planted tank substrate, a preset heater, and a planted tank light.  What plants other than Java ferns would fit the Asian theme?

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Anubias is not an Asian plant as far as I know, but bettas fit very nicely on them to rest ("betta hammocks" look an awful lot like A. barteri leaves). If there's an Asian plant with similar leaves (large, sturdy and lay horizontally), that's what I would recommend. I have A. barteri for my betta, but something similar to A. gold coin, which has smaller, round leaves, would probably also work as a rest stop and fit nicely in a nano tank. 

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How have I not seen that documentary before?! Thank you for posting it!

Bettas are primarily from Thailand, which has incredibly diverse aquatic ecosystems so you have a lot of options!


Here is a list of many currently documented Thailand native aquatic plant species. There are quite a few recognizable ones used in aquaria.  

How I understand it, wild bettas prefer shallow waters water with little movement and a moderate amount of emergent plants. Emergent plants help define territories and provide a place for the males to affix bubble nests, so they are a must.  

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I started this in the plant section because I was asking about the plants, but now I have other updates and questions, and I'm a bit worried I'm in the wrong section!  I got several orders from Amazon today, including an Aqueon flat heater and NICREW clip on light and air pump.  Sometime early next week, I'm looking forward to my next Co-op fix, with a small sponge filter, 2 Water Sprites, a java fern to attach to the stump, a crypt wendtii and a crypt wendtii green.  Can't wait to see how it all turns out.  Looking ahead, I know I'm targeting a betta, and will likely troll my local stores until I find one I can't live without.  My question... should I stock a cleanup crem of a kuhli loach or two?  I saw they are Asian, but don't know if that would overtax the 6 gallon, or if they'd get along with the betta.


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You could probably try getting IAL, or other sources of tannins, and maybe some water lettuce (If I'm identifying that plant in the video correctly.) If I understand the Wikipedia article on it correctly it's not native to the area, but does exist there.


The khuli loaches would probably work, although it will probably depend on the personality of the betta.

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