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Favorite food to feed shrimp?


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Howdy fellow Nerms!

I have feed a lot of types of food to fish to my shrimp but I have discovered a new food that causes a stampede.  This is fresh repashy - morning wood.  See these pictures.  I was using shrimp sticks from extreme very popular with the shrimp but a little debris pops off during eating.  This isn’t a problem with the fresh morning wood.  Any other thoughts on the subject of shrimp food?

Many thanks,



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I have only had (cherry) shrimp for a month or so. They seem to find this and that in the sand and on the hardscape. I saw one eating a snail, from what I hear she probably didn't kill it herself though. I think they have taken midge larvae but I am not sure. I have never seen them eating stuff in the water column. One time it looked as if one of them skimmed the surface. 

I give some few random pellet / flake fish food, snow flake food, tiny bits of peas, corn and things like that. Anticipating young ones, I ordered some Glasgarten Shrimp Baby, rather expensive but I hope a little goes a long way. 

The snow flakes (soy husks) seem OK, I feel it doesn't mess upp the water if any leftovers and it feels good to offer a variety. But the shrimps are not as crazy about it as some people have experienced. 

I want to try Repashy as well! 

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I usually don’t target feed my shrimp. I want them to wander around and scavenge whatever they can. The only specific food I feed them once a week is GlasGarten Mineral Junkie Bites, just so I know they are getting some minerals they specifically need. They are usually on it within seconds of hitting the substrate.

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