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Mollies with Swim Bladder Issues


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Ok, so I’ve had this one Molly who stays in the bottom most of the time. She can swim around the tank, but when she does she is always angled up (like she is pulling her weight). She has been like this for several months. This past week suddenly I have three more doing the same thing. Here are my parametrs:

Temp 75

Nitrate >10 ppm

Ph 8

Kh 8

Gh 13


A few months ago (I need to look it up) I treated the whole 75 gallon tank with Maracyn because of an issue that I had been having almost monthly with Corydora. I did a full treatment. 

I have included a video. I have removed the four fish and placed them in QT. I salted the tank 1 Tbs per 2 gallon, and I fasted them two days before feeding some peas yesterday. They look the same. Any thoughts from anyone who has dealt with this?



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