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What to use Spirulina Powder for? :)


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Hey everyone!

This is my first post here - hopefully this is in the right spot! :) Anywho...

I received some Spirulina Powder by accident from a company I was trying to order sieves (for my baby brine shrimp) from. 

I'm not sure yet if they are going to ask me to return it, but in case they don't - I have no idea what to use this stuff for. I have a lot of different fish foods because I like to follow the "variety is key" method, including Repashy foods, so I don't really make my own fish food. 

Any ideas? What do YOU use this stuff for?

Thanks in advance! 


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You can make snail food with it using gelatin, calcium powder or tums, and vegetable baby food. And as others have said, you can feed it to your brine shrimp. I put a teeny pinch into my batch of baby brine when they’re 24 hours old and I siphon some out to keep in the fridge. If they get a little meal before the fish eat them, they’ll be more nutritious.

And of course, if you’re a smoothie person, you can put it in your smoothies. 😁 Health food stores sell it for humans.

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