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My crypt was doing really well and didn't even melt when I got it about six weeks ago. I just added a root tab and it is now shriveled up and looking awful. Did I overfertilize? Should I pull it and start again? Should I get rid of the leaves and leave the roots to see if it grows back? I feel like this helicopter WERM just killed a nice plant because I did too much. 


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3 minutes ago, gardenman said:

It's not looking good. I'd just leave it and hope for the best. Crypts are generally pretty tough little plants. I would definitely rethink using the root tabs too near it though. Something's gone seriously wrong with it.

Right?! I've managed to kill a string of hardy plants so this may just be the newest on the list but I'll watch it to see if it springs back. I'm battling high nitrates so should I remove the dead leaves? 

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I wouldn't. In the above water plant world, plants store all kinds of nutrients/carbohydrates in even seemingly dead stems/leaves. I would assume a similar situation took place with aquatic plants. If they fall off and float around, feel free to remove them, but as long as they're attached to the plant, I'd leave them be. They might help the plant to recover.

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