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Need Many Helps To Treat This Weird Disease On The Black Skirt Tetra Fins


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A few weeks ago, I posted a topic on here and we diagnosed that the white stuffs on the fins are some type of Stalked Cilliates parasite. So I spent 2 weeks treating the tank with Paraclancse and IchX (after a couple weeks of salt treatment then Maracyn and IchX) but I got very little result. One of them did get better but for the other three not too much. Their tail fins are somewhat rotting as well. They are still super active and agile. 

Anyone know anything about this or anyways to treat this?

I have attached videos of them. Not sure if they are very clear like the last post. They are super camera shy


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I am not 100% sure whether it is parasite or not since multiple forums are saying different thing but levamisole is worth a try at this point.

Do you know where can I get levamisole? I am having a bit of difficulty finding it.  

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