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Cleaning co2 diffuser

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Is there a way to clean the ceramic disc in a co2 diffuser? Mine has some algae growth and the bubbles coming out of it aren't so fine anymore. They are mainly coming out of a spot in the middle that is maybe 1/4 of the diffuser. I tried rubbing it with my fingernail and an algae scrubber pad, but that didn't really help. Can they be bleached? I'd hate to have to just replace it, it has only been in the tank and running for maybe six weeks, that would be quite a bit of money spent on diffusers a year, especially when I plan to get it going on a couple more tanks soon.

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I like to drop mine bleach while it's running. I'll turn it off for a few minutes to see if the bleach can make it inside the ceramic stone and turn it back on a couple times. Then you know obviously sit it in some dechlorinated water before returning it to your tank. I soak it in hot dechlorinated water but I'm  pretty sure that doesn't do anything...At least it makes me feel better haha

Oh I also hit it with some hydrogen peroxide too

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ADA has a cleaning solution for cleaning the glass/ceramic fritted discs in diffusers. Looking at the MSDS for ADA Superge (sorry it is in Hungarian: https://greenaqua.hu/termekbiztonsag/MSDS_HU_ADA_SUPERGE.doc), the active ingredient is bleach (5% sodium hypochlorite.

The fritted disc in the diffuser is the same kind of material that some laboratory filters are made of, and can be easily damaged with anything hard (we used teflon spatulas to remove solids out of them in the lab).

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