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Magnus in Raleigh


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Hey y'all!

I've been in the hobby since I was very young in the 1970's. It was kind of cool to see the progression from slate bottom tanks with metal frames to all glass tanks to acrylic, etc. After a personal hardship event in the early 2000's I took an extended hiatus from the hobby. But thanks to spending a lot of time at home during this global pandemic, I started setting up a tank again. Also I've been watching on with great envy as my wife has been getting back into reefing (now with a 73 gallon Red Sea Reefer in the kitchen) and my daughters running their own nano tanks.

My own tank (just the first) to get back into the hobby is an Aqueon 65 gallon tank with a Fluval FX4 filter. I'm building it up as a blackwater community tank. It's got a play sand substrate, some big pieces of driftwood, and I'm trying to get some java fern and java moss going. Fish-wise, I'm still just a few weeks in but it's got some serpae tetras and some penguin tetras right now. I haven't added my cleanup crew yet or a showcase fish.

I say "first tank" because I know my personality type. There will be more. I have a structural engineer coming out later this week to figure out what I would need in the way of floor supports to set up some racks on the first floor of my home. I'll never be satisfied with just one nice display tank.

Cory's videos on YouTube incited a lot of this for me. His enthusiasm, his tinkering, all got me wanting to sort of pick up where I left off. I used to have a lot of fun with DIY stuff using old buckets and pickle jars and such. Maybe I should figure out how to make a YouTube channel and share some of that.

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1 hour ago, Daniel said:

What is your favorite fish store in Raleigh?

There are three shops that I like going to regularly:

  1. Fish Room Cary - It's a bit of a drive but they have better freshwater fish and the staff has been really nice.
  2. Fish Room Raleigh - They have nano freshwater fish section and better saltwater selection.
  3. Fintastic Cary - Also a bit of a drive, but the very best saltwater selection in the Raleigh area.
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