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Med trio question

Hannah Q

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Hello all, sort of a two part question but I would really appreciate the help! 

1) I’ve had an oranda for 7 months. I got her from my lfs and never quarantined her (I should have but I wasn’t so knowledgeable at the time). She’s been healthy to my knowledge but I just wanted to be safe and treat her with the 7 day soak of the quarantine trio. Would that be safe to do? Even if there is nothing that appears to be wrong? I just want a clean slate. 

2) If I do end up doing the 7 day treatment with all 3 meds I would just do it in my main 29 gallon tank because she is the only fish in there and I don’t want to move her and possibly cause stress. Once the 7 days are over do I just do a large water change to get most of the meds out? 

I know these may be silly questions but I just want to be safe and I know there are plenty of people on here who are knowledgeable and love to help. Thank you! 

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