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HELP with bacteria bloom please!


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Hope someone can give me some advise on my tank.

I have a 10 gallon fresh water tank. It's about 3 months old and went through it's cycle. Water always looked good. Went through ammonia, nitrites to nitrates. All good now. Just checked.

Reading's today no ammonia or nitrites only very light reading of nitrates. Total fish 4 neons, 3 corys (recent additions), 4 baby platties (mom and dad died during startup) and two snails. I don't feed them much so don't think I over feed. Only once a day and miss a day here and there.

Over the last three weeks it's been in a cloudy state. Tried 1-2 gallon water changes each week and a little more during some days maybe a cup or two.

I did switch out the filter about a month ago from basic filter that came with setup to Tidal 35. Didn't do water changes for at least week when I did the switch.

My question. What to do now? I also tried this weekend Seachem Clarity but didn't improve. I have layer of floss too along with bio media rocks.

Should I not do water changes, don't touch the filter for week(s), etc. Looking for what to try as this is getting really discuoraging. Thank you if you can help and I'll add more info if needed. I have tank and filter pics.



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The cloudy generally doesn't hurt anything, and doing nothing is a very good start, tanks will very often self-regulate after changes all by themselves.  From your photo, it looks like your tank might be getting external light from all sides?  If a week of doing nothing doesn't improve the tank clarity, you might try cutting down the external light.  A background of cardboard or construction paper would be enough to test if it helped.  Good luck.

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I had an issue with Blooming in my 40 gallon breeder the one thing that really helped me was putting Seachem 100 ml pouches in my filter. it remove excess organics from the water and I have not had the problem since. now I keep them in all my filters.

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