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Probably not. If you have a normal bioload the aerobic bacteria in the gravel above your undergravel filter that metabolize nitrogen-bearing compounds beginning with ammonia and then into nitrite, and finally nitrite into nitrate are more than sufficient to take care of your biological filtration needs.

Do you have a specific application in mind?


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I have also been watching the Dr Novak channel. What he builds and advocates as an anoxic 'plenum' differs from the traditional way undergravel filters were used. His generally do not cover the entire bottom, and move only very little water (a few gallons). His premise is that the aquatic plants preferentially update ammonia as their nitrogen source instead of nitrate from the water column and the anoxic removal of nitrate is beneficial.



Disclaimer: Dr. Novak is an Icthyologist. I am an organic chemist and do not have a PhD.

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