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Can I get a Corydora Fry? Super size it!


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Afternoon All, 

Last Tuesday, I had a "clutch" of eggs from my Albino x Bronze cory catfish (See: Ponyo Loves Sosuke). There were about 207 eggs laid by my one massive, female Bronze.


Sosuke my bronze & Momma Mystery snail, Asuma for size comparison. Both are huge. 

Being my first viable batch - I figured the survival / success rate would be in the single to two digits if I was lucky. Thursday, fry hatched out and they have been doing well. I removed their leftover eggs about a day+ after for fear of fungus and immediately gave them first bites. I have them in a 1.66 gallon tank with a heater and sponge filter, did 50% water changes until hatched and I am now going to move to 2-3/week water changes.

I did a fry head count last night and I have confirmed at least ... drum roll please ...

70 active and thriving Corydora Fry!

I never thought that many would come from a clutch. So, here is my dilema and where I need your advice. 


I can not keep all 70 in that tiny tank, and the grow out I had planned is still quaratining some other new additions. Plus, it already has sand and other things - I want to keep these cories in a bare minimum enviornment while growing out. So, I am entertaining the idea of getting a breeder tank. I ideally, want to start cycling it today. 

1) how many gallons should I look for to comfortably and efficiently raise the 70 fry into healthy maturation? 

2) while cycling new tank, I was thinking off taking some water from my established tank (the tank they were initially laid in) and their current tank when doing water changes and adding that water to the new tank to get good bacteria & water going, yes or no?

3) Any advice on large batch fry? 

I feel like this is a huge number of fry for a cory, given my research it's usually under 20.

4) Anyone else have / had similar amount of fry from their corydoras? 

5) what temp do you keep your cory fry? 


I am so insanely invested in these little guys and do not want to loose them. TIA for advice, tips and tricks. 

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Congratulations!! They’ll stay small awhile. I think, if you make it friendly with good chemistry, you could do 70+ in a 10 gallon for 2 months or more. We’ve got about 40+ Bronze corys in a 20 long that are 3 months now. If you want to raise up 70 to full maturity... a 40 gal. breeder could probably do it. Just my opinion...

Here’s a thread from our breeding projects. Lots of video footage showing development...


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