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Hiding Places for Raphael Catfish


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Hi everyone,

I've had my striped raphael catfish for almost 10 years now and he has always picked a really cramped hiding place in the aquarium. Its one of those artificial bell decorations, and he has to curl up inside just to fit his body in there. I'd like to get him a better spot to hide where he doesn't have to contort his body so much. I removed the decoration and put the fish into my 20 gallon quarantine tank for the meantime, since without a place to hide, he gets bullied by my synodontis eupterus, whom he's been tankmates with for 9 years. What recommendations for hiding spots, or even just scapes for that matter, do y'all have? (Thumbnail is the fish in the quarantine tank)

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You could try making a bunch of little rock caves with slate or flagstone, giving him options on where to hide. Just make sure they're big enough for him to fit under.  Here's a little one in my 29.



Here's one I made for my Synodontis eupterus, though she hides in the big sword plant more often than not. 


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