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New old hobby...Thanks, COVID.


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When I was 10 I wanted a 10 gallon tank full of guppies and live plants for my birthday. Naturally, my father bought a 55 gallon and filled it with rocks and African chiclids. I was allowed to name ONE, and wasn't even allowed to feed them. Then he got bored and sold it a year later while I was at school.

I have had a few tanks on and off over the years, mostly for children or husbands or boyfriends--they chose the fish and bought the tank, I kept them alive. 

This year, alone and bored, a friend who was moving rehomed a aquascaped planted tank with me that was on the verge of crashing. I rescued it...and kind of went nuts.

I have 3 small planted tanks set up, with snails, red cherry shrimp, a few fish, a 29 gallon cycling, and 2 10 gallon quarantine (haha) tanks that will be repurposed into guppy grow outs eventually. Busy gleefully imagining my stocking list for the 29g. Let's see how many tanks I can cram into a tiny apartment...

Thanks, Cory for helping me get connected--no fellow fish nerds in my local circle, but I am within driving distance of Aquarium Co-op!


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