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PSA: Spotted Congo Puffers= AGGRESSIVE


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Summary: Spotted Congo Puffers should not be housed with fish you're willing to lose

I've had my puffer for awhile now. Absolutely wonderful fish except when he goes on frequent rampages. Tons of sites and videos say that these fish are friendly compared to most other species of puffers. I wanted to believe that this was true. While at first he was a good tank mate, over the years he has become more aggressive even with more space and eye breaking points. Listen when I tell you, puffers are like dogs that you cannot train. So far my puffer has nipped countless fish and caused way too many gruesome deaths. I have lost too many fish that had sentimental value, I wanted to believe they were just dying of old age and consumed by the other fish. But today was the last straw, he snuck up on one of the fish with his eyes locked on, devoured her stomach almost in an instant, leaving the rest to die. I will not be posting photos of the damage as it is not valuable to the education part of this post. I will include a picture of the serial killer. 

If you have/ had similar experiences with this fish or if you have any funny stories , please let me know 🙂


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