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Jeepers... a double hit.  Delivered to me via friend from LFS, so I did not view myself, not that I would have seen it in the fish stores tanks.  Very easy to see in substrate free quarantine tank.  

Has anyone had success with treating this fungus and parasite?  

Here is an article that suggests Kordon Rid- ICH for the fungus.   I have ICH-X, Paraguard, and Malachite Green in my arsenal. Salt baths for the Scutariella?   I'm not holding my breath for cleaning them up, as I know shrimp are sensitive not only to some meds but large water changes.    Probably will end up getting a store credit, but not replacing these imported shrimp from the same store.  Lucky for me I quarantined them. 


_MG_8757 2.JPG





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8 hours ago, Brandy said:

I have cleared scutariella with 4 weekly single doses of paraclense/praziquantel. One dose will clear visible external parasites, but you have to wait for molts to get all the eggs. 

@BrandyI was just watching Rachel O’Leary and she said the same. The Ellobiopsidae that they are dying from is not so treatable....sad really.  It makes me think my LFS doesn’t quarantine them or have a close up check.  I hope it’s ok to use this video as reference.  Admin’s let me know if it’s not please.  Thanks for sharing Brandy.





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